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Wax Daddy & The History Of Formula 113®

Our founder, Michael Angelo "Wax Daddy" Prisco was in love with cars ever since he was a little kid. His dad bought him his first go cart when he was just 4 years old, a miniature dune buggy with a 5 hp engine.

Michael began to detail his dune buggy always keeping it pristine. His love affair with cars started at a very young age helping his dad clean and wax his cars on Saturdays. Michael would often mix and match his dad's different car waxes to see if he could come up with something to impress him. As he got older he would ask his neighbors if they wanted their cars cleaned, he handed out flyers and would detail cars in front his house.

Wax Daddy & His First Corvette Wax Daddy Washing his Corvette


Formula 113® was introduced back in 1994 while waxing cars at his detail shop on Bronx River Rd in Yonkers, NY. He Learned about car waxes and polishes for many years of detailing cars and keeping his own cars clean. Not satisfied with the results of many brands,having to use many different products to achieve the best results, he decided to develop his own unique blend of car wax that out shined outperformed all the products he had tested.

After months of trial and error and 112 different combinations, formula # 113 was born. Wax Daddy's customers were amazed at the shine on the cars, he had just detailed by hand with his micro-brew car wax. Customers started asking if they could buy a bottle and the rest is history.

Wax Daddy & Formula 113 Wax at Car ShowsFormula 113® "the original car wax and sealant" was born from a 2 car garage and passion for quality car care. Formula 113® was first introduced to the public at the Yonkers race track flea market in October of 1995, he sold over $1000 dollars worth of product on the first day, waxing many of his friends cars that day to prove his formula worked for the crowd of people watching. Michael gave away hundreds of bottles of Formula 113® and went back to NY and hoped for the best. In the spring of 1995, the house phone started to ring and the company really started to take off, Advanced Car Care Products, Inc was formed. Michael bought a van and starting attending car shows all over East coast.

The Formula 113® car wax and Bead-X detail spray's superior performance quickly began to spread among car enthusiasts all over the Country. Many of our customers became dealers over the years for our products and continue to sell our products today.

After years of marketing his products, Wax Daddy and his larger than life personality managed to get to some of the biggest names in the car industry & Hollywood to use his Formula 113® car wax. People like George Barris, Jay Leno, Chip Foose, Vini Bergeman, John D'Agostino and Boyd Coddington. He has also met many stars and producers like Al Pacino, Vin Diesel, Drew Barrymore, Whoopie Goldberg, & More (Checkout Wax Daddy with the Stars). Wax Daddy has been seen on "Corvette the American Dream" , "Addicted to Cars" and "The Kustomizer TV show" that aired on The Discovery channel.

Now in 2014, Wax Daddy is celebrating over 20 years of sales and promotions at collector car shows, street rod shows, collector car auctions, retail stores and a loyal customer following. Wax Daddy has re-formulated the Formula 113® car wax and BeadX to be better than his best.

All new packaging is in place reflecting 20 years of grass roots marketing and traveling the country that has helped in the continued growth of Formula 113® Car Products. The solid foundation for this demand stems from steady repeat orders of consumers and dealers.

Video and on-site demonstrations at top collector car shows prove beyond a doubt that Wax Daddy and the Formula 113® product line have soared against the giants of the car care industry for the past 20 years.

Formula 113®'s unique formulation and micro brewing process is what makes Formula "113" so much better than all other waxes and polishes. Formula 113® is made in 110 gallon vats compared to 3,000 gallon vats used by most other car care companies.

Wax Daddy's Micro Brewing Process:
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Formula 113 - Bead X Micro Brewing Proccess

Wax Daddy at Cars Shows with Formula 113 Bead X
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